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staffing factoring and asset based lending United States, Canada
The staffing factoring group of First Asset Based Lending Group offer an accounts receivable factoring product and an asset based receivables line of credit to companies in the staffing industry that is flexible and tailored specifically to fit the funding needs of staffing agencies including start-ups. In addition, back office services with a range of features including payroll funding & management, invoice production and mailing, check production, discounted insurance, Worker’s Compensation program, 401K and retirement planning advise for employees and more.

There is no substitute for Integrity, Experience and Standard of Service
Staffing & Recruiting Finance Specialists
We know the Staffing Industry
Advances up to 92%-95% of your eligible receivables within 24 hours
An application and funding process which is very simple and straightforward
Draw down only the funds that you need - be charged only for the funds used
Upon collections we provide the remaining balance to you less our fee
You will be dealing directly with the decision makers
We are a reliable source for your company's security and continued growth
One-stop shop! Includes Full Back Office - Payroll Services and more...
Access your account online - track invoices and much more
Very likely we'll be able to beat any other offer you may be considering



Staffing Asset Based Lending

Receivables Lines of Credit for Staffing
Minimum: $100,000
Maximum: $25 million
Years in Business: 2 Minimum
DSCR / FCCR: 1.20x
Rates/Terms: Competitive
United States and Canada
Standard terms and conditions apply

Staffing Factoring

Minimum: $5,000
Maximum: $15 million
Startups OK
Advances: Up to 92% - 95%
Rates/Terms: Competitive
United States and Canada
Standard terms and conditions apply